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Plus Size Wedding and Bridesmaids dresses

Sydney's Closet will give you the finest, high quality material and workmanship, dresses available on the net. Even after shipping and import duties [VAT], with the weak dollar, they will give you outstanding value. Sizes right up to 46 { US size + 2 = UK size, e.g. US size 30 = UK 32} We have had very positive feedback from some of their UK customers.

Bhs Wedding 570x500
With Vintage and Modern Bridal dresses to size 22, BHS 's prices range from under £150 to about £500. Free UK delivery.

You won't find a "custom size" wedding dress maker cheaper than Light-in-the-Box.
3 things though. 1] You will have to pay VAT and possibly Import duty. These can add up to 40% to your bill. 2] Know your measurements, and have them checked, before & when ordering. 3] Allow enough time - don't expect a custom made dress from China to arrive next week !

plus size wedding and bridesmaids dresses UK